Dialogue Creates

“Dialogue is more than just a conversation…”

Dialogue Creates is the result of a collaborative partnership between CEC and Generon International (CEOSusan Taylor) to explore together the concept of Dialogue and its role in creating powerful transformations within the culture, strategies and human interactions of an organisation.

Dialogue is more than just a conversation, it is a practice; one which requires us to do our inner work. Through this practice, we are enabled to maximize our influence and walk new paths that awaken possibilities we couldn’t see before, co-evolving to the higher levels of consciousness required to face the challenges of our time.

It’s easy to believe that communicating with one another is as natural as talking. We  have discussions with our bosses… Conversations with colleagues… Brainstorming sessions at team meetings… 

Yet misunderstanding abounds. Why?

When we are in conversation, we often discover that we have a different sentiment, observation, opinion or idea, which can cause the exchange to become heated – perhaps even toxic – and conclude with either a frustrating stalemate or the competitive sense that we were right, and the other was wrong. 

Enter Dialogue…

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Dominance & Dialogue

Almost all current Systems Thinking is formed around having an opinion and putting effort into convincing others who have a different perspective into adopting our opinion. In short, it is all about dominance; those who dominate have the power.

Systems Thinking based on dominance fuels polarisation and “either/or” mindsets.

How could we do better?


Dialogue Creates Susan Taylor

Rethinking New Norms

 “A butterfly is a transformation,
not a better caterpillar.”  –
 Chris McGoff

Many people feel we have recently been handed an opportunity for change.

But perhaps we should be less interested in “change” and more interested in “transformation”.  Let’s not rethink old norms, let’s rethink NEW norms — norms that haven’t even been created yet!


Dialogue Creates 2021

Want to improve employee engagement? Start with Dialogue.

Look around your office. Or your Zoom Room. How many of your employees are truly engaged in their work?

As a leader, your primary responsibility is to engage, inspire and develop others. Through the practice of Dialogue, you do that more intentionally, creating significant business benefits along with a culture that motivates and empowers.

Discover the 4 steps towards sustainable employee engagement…