A Measurable Journey

You want sustainable impactful change, and you need the measurements to demonstrate it. 

That is what we deliver: tangible evidence of the desired cultural transformation within your organisation.

Having worked within leading multinational organisations, we completely understand that when investing time and money into a project, leaders need to be able to quantify and evidence the results.

Using our 3-dimensional approach, we analyse, embed, measure and report to help our clients to continue to build on the extraordinary performance that our experts created.

Physical, Mental, Spiritual

Using orthomolecular holistic research and simple blood testing we analyse and make recommendations for improving fitness and nutrition. We identify imbalances, suggesting ways to rebalance, and we also improve individuals’ awareness and consciousness of their energy flow to help master energy efficiency.  These steps improve wellbeing and prevent burnout/sickness rates.

We measure current culture: the systems, the symbols, the mindsets and the behaviours that are influencing the mental state of your organisation. We then tailor a program of activity that is at the right velocity and intensity to meet the rhythm of your business and deliver the desired outcomes.

We are able to assess and measure the relative imbalances within your energetic fields that will present you with a clear and readable psychological and physical profile.

Cultural Transformation

The Journey

Once we have established our mutual commitment to our core values and multi-dimensional approach, then the journey begins…

Step 1:
Diagnostic stage – identification of imbalances and their root causes through selected assessments (Barrett; Leadership Circle; Psychological Energy Assessment; Ortho Molecular Lab Analysis) including 3-dimensional analysis.

Step 2:
Increase awareness across the powerful trinities with the leadership team/s, clarifying the present imbalances and identifying root causes. Development of activity program to deliver agreed results, providing ongoing analysis and reporting.

Step 3:
Toward the end of the program of activity, we reassess the changes to report on the transformation that has been effectuated.
We also deliver handover strategies and train-the-trainer programs to embed and continue the generation of sustainable evolution.

Want to get started? An introductory offer...

We will perform a very practical small group assessment covering personal values and current and desired organisational culture insights, followed by a feedback session for your executive team/board consisting of a gap analysis and a potential roadmap towards sustainable resilience for your organisation.

We can offer all the above at a significantly reduced introduction fee of 999 Euros ex VAT.

For whom: Executive team/Board
Max number of people: 15
What: Very practical organisational culture assessment + gap analysis + feedback session and recommendations
Workload per participant: 15 min online assessment + 3 hrs feedback session
Total Costs: 999 euro ex VAT


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