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Team performance

Below are some kind words from people we have worked with on recent projects.

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Change Management

Loyens Loeff - European Law Firm

Digital Transformation & Change Management

“CEC has ignited a deeper level of consciousness and authentic Dialogue around the different dynamics of a traditional law firm on the one hand and the dynamics of innovation on the other. By facilitating in a humble and firm way, CEC has been able to establish the right mindset for these different dynamics to effectively come together and communicate with one another. This has led to incredible progress and tangible results in a short amount of time. CEC has made us the high performance Innovation Team we are today ”

Julien Cayet (Director Technology & Innovation at Loyens Loeff)


Construction consultants

Volker Wessels - Construction 

Leadership Development Program

  • Jan de Ruiter, Chairman of the Managing Board

“Working with CEC is impactful, no-nonsense and refreshing as they dare to touch the deeper layers of individuals and teams and are capable of keeping it practical and pragmatic.



Hidde has understood where our organisation culture was, and stretched us towards where we want to be as leaders, building resilience by increased awareness around the impact on others with our styles of leadership. The process has been challenging and confronting at times, yet always in a safe atmosphere.



Highly recommended for organisations seeking resilient lead

ership to improve business performance.”

Aviation consultants

AirFrance KLM Delta Cargo Americas - Aviation

Joint Venture Culture Integration

  • Noud Duyzings, Vice President Americas

CEC has been very successful in increasing awareness around our cultural differences (Measurable Culture comparison analysis) and has guided us in practical tools to address those to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.



This has resulted in higher levels of trust amongst us and the integrated teams and enabled us to accelerate the integration and the JV performance.

National League Field Hockey Pinoke - Sports

From a group of individuals to a high performance team.

Mindset, Belief, Values, Commitments and Dialogue are all necessary ingredients for a High Performance Team, next to strategy and skills.

When People, Strategy and Culture are aligned, high performance will manifest.

“For the first time in the history of the club, we have reached the finals of the play offs of the national league and we will enter the European Hockey League; CEC has been able to transform a group of individuals into a High Performance Team. Making us all aware of the importance of individual commitment, a growth mindset, the power of belief, Dialogue and effective communication and how all these ingredients build and tap into the power of the collective. The way of working of CEC is constructive, open, safe and concrete”.

Jesse Mahieu (Head coach)