Is HR heard in the Board room?  We are listening

What are the key issues with unlocking the potential productivity of your people? Is human resources central to instigating change in your organisation?

Is HR truly integrated and valued within your organisation?
Do you know how to demonstrate the value rather than the cost of HR?
What is the role of HR in supporting organisational growth/change?

What else is on your agenda? The more we listen to you, the more we can co-create the right solutions – so please share your voice

Want to find out how to measure lost productivity due to your current culture? Then join the Parrhesian HR Leaders Community

This is your opportunity to meet with a select group of business leaders who want to understand better how to unlock the value in their human resources.

In an open and trust based environment we share thoughts on the issues that are facing today’s organisations and learn how best to face these challenges.

The Parrhesian Team will support the dialogue and provide tools that HR can use to demonstrate a measurable need for change in culture and a way to measure the results of leadership development and other cultural change interventions.

Show your interest/sign up here for our next HR leaders event based in London in Spring 2018 (exact date tbc).
Limited numbers only as the event is free – you have nothing to lose and you can benefit from a supportive network of like-minded peers who want to share their expertise.

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Sometimes we know that a change needs to happen but we’re not sure where to start. If you’re experiencing difficulties within your organisation, or you’d value an outsider’s viewpoint to shed some light on how to tackle a challenge, we’re a friendly team and we’re keen to share our advice. Send us your details here and we’ll arrange for a confidential chat with one of our consultants.

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