Vivek Joshi

Vivek Joshi


Vivek has a technological background and an extensive consultancy experience within major global brands, which – blended with his sprituality – result in a solid foundation of co-creating long lasting solutions for transformation, guiding clients to find the way to highly inspired, and, at the same time, highly practical solutions.


Vivek specialises in Project Management of Change Transformation initiatives. His skill, calm authority and attention to detail have meant that his many global clients have profited from his expertise during challenging periods and projects. His out-of-the-box thinking and belief in a fully inclusive atmosphere means that he can use both conventional and unconventional methods to yield the best results.

In his own words:

“My belief is that we can achieve the impossible if we go beyond the mind and align ourselves. I focus on self-improvement to lead to greater success and more happiness in all endeavours, both personal and professional. My ultimate purpose is to help individuals and organisations grow and make the world a better place.”