There are different levels of truth.

Becoming conscious of these different levels of truth is essential to the evolution of Humanity.

The current context of the COVID-19 pandemic invites us to make a conscious choice about which level of truth we want to operate from. There is no right or wrong here, simply conscious choice and acceptance of the consequences.

Here is one level of truth: I am a habitant of my rental apartment on the Churchilllaan in Amsterdam. When I operate from this truth, I get my groceries for myself and my 2 boys, I walk my dog, cook my meals and make sure that this relatively small system is operating successfully and that all involved will be safe and sound.

Another level of truth is that I am a citizen of the city of Amsterdam in The Netherlands. Now this widens my scope and can come with more care for a broader audience. Apart from the above, I could apart support my neighbours by getting their groceries too. I could donate money to the homeless and support the care system by demonstratively clapping my hands at the opened windows of my apartment, joining that community initiative alongside the whole block or street I am living in.

A further level of truth is that I am Dutch and my roots lie in The Netherlands. I care about my fellow Dutchies, in The Netherlands and abroad. I stand for my country, our principles of freedom and democracy. I respect the free choice, the diversity and the freedom of speech we so highly regard and protect.

In this same way there is another level of truth from which I can choose to operate: I am a European. Operating from this level of truth would imply talking care of my fellow-Europeans in a same way I would take care of my boys.

And yes, there is yet another level of truth: I am a citizen of Planet Earth! And yes, you got it, operating from this level of truth would imply taking care of my fellow Earthlings in the same way I would take care of my 2 boys, referring to the first described level of truth here above.

Our main obstacle

So what makes it so difficult to keep all these levels of truths running at the same time? It is fear.

First and foremost? Fear of not having enough. Over the years our economic systems have developed into an ‘ever-more-and-more machine’ fueled by greed. Money has become an objective in itself, rather than a means to acquire what you need. We are bombarded with advertising and communication that lead us all into overconsumption. We get what we want instead of what we need.

The bigger the fear, the tighter the level of truth we choose to operate from. Particularly in these times of a dangerous coronavirus spreading across the planet, it is fascinating to see all the different actions and initiatives operating from various levels of truth.

Becoming a citizen of Planet Earth

I do not want to preach about what is good or bad. What I believe will help us all to move forward is to increase our awareness – our consciousness – of the level of truth from which we are operating. Once conscious, we can make a conscious choice by investigating the potential fear we are feeling, that is lying underneath our decisions.

Face that fear and compare it to who you want to be as a human being.

It is perfectly reasonable to operate out of fear. My point is do it consciously: embrace that fear, look it in the eye, question it. This is the only way to dissipate our fears and start building trust in a higher level of truth.

By doing this, we can evolve as human beings into proud and true citizens of planet Earth.

Confronting fears

To reflect and analyse a little: what level of truth and what fear might be in play with the following examples?

  1. I run to the store and buy all the toilet paper that is left
  2. “America First”
  3. Support for Italy and Spain is heavily conditioned by The Netherlands, among other European countries.
  4. The Netherlands invests more than 25 billion euros in her economy and “donates” 100 million euros to Africa to fight the coronavirus.
  5. Blocking transports of face masks to other countries
  6. Buying the companies that are most likely to come up with a vaccine

How do you map the different levels of truth for yourself, your team or your organisation? What does it take to shift to another level of truth? How do you effectively and efficiently operate from these different levels of truth?

These questions and other similar discussions are fundamental to the conscious evolution of ourselves, our economy and above all, humanity. Deep, honest and rational reasoning forms the basis from which we can operate at the very highest levels of truth.

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Image: Elena Mozhvilo via Unsplash