At CEC we have a high impact methodology for awakening and implementing extraordinary performance, which we call “Powerful Trinities”.

It is a carefully researched and proven concept, and it forms our holistic approach to developing the awareness and consciousness of leaders, teams and entire organizations in order for them to function at a higher level.

The three Powerful Trinities that you might already be familiar with by now are:

  • The Physical, the Mental and the Spiritual – targeted mostly at the individual.
  • The I, the WE and the IT – targeted at the collective and the job at hand.
  • The Human Dynamics, Symbolism and Systems – targeted more at the whole, the organization, the culture.
Hidde van der Pol Conscious Energy Consulting
How the powerful trinities interlink

The “Mother” of these 3 Powerful Trinities (which are described in more detail here) is that of People, Strategy, Culture.

Consciously seeking constant alignment between these components is what makes people and organisations thrive.

What we do at CEC is increasing consciousness around the value of this alignment of People, Strategy and Culture as well as guiding and facilitating the day-to-day implementation of this alignment.

How we do this is through the carefully designed holistic approach of the Powerful Trinities.


At the heart of everything lies the human. It ALL starts with the people.

It is the people that are creating and building ideas, executing them, evolving them, conceiving them in the first place. For that reason, the start of any project at CEC is with the people. Establishing a relationship of trust and a safe environment to get to know each other, to explore and exchange together. Together we discover all the perspectives and all the different perceived realities in order to get an overview of the whole.

There is never one single truth, it is about unpacking all the different stories of all involved. At CEC we initiate a Dialogue with the people to establish a sustainable, strong, authentic and transparent basis on which to build the journey of increased consciousness.

Along that journey that CEC will facilitate, people will always be at the centre of our focus. We want to hear about what makes you tick as a human being and why you do the work you do. What’s driving you? What’s important to you? And fundamentally, what are your dreams and ambitions?


All initiatives start with an idea, a belief, a dream or a vision by an individual or a group of individuals, a collective… From this initial idea a strategy is developed to help the idea become a reality.

A strong strategy authentically represents the values and the purpose of the underlying idea, dream, vision, belief.

The strategy is a detailed, compound and above all measurable execution plan. People and their dreams are at the core of the strategy, and from this the clear actions, commitments and timelines evolve. A framework that provides clarity and a path forward.

Strategies can and should be adapted along the way to encompass impacts, changing environments and adjusting realities.

Strategies do not change by themselves, they are changed and adjusted by people, and the more awareness and consciousness that is brought into strategy change, the more positive the evolution will be.

The Powerful Trinities approach is a model that helps with just that. Increased levels of consciousness with the people involved guarantee a sharper, more robust and impactful strategy at all times.


As Peter Drucker famously said: “Culture eats Strategy for breakfast”.

What it means is this: you can have the most profound strategy in place, yet if the culture is not aligned with or supportive of that strategy, the execution by the people will fail.

We at CEC see culture as the whole of: Human Dynamics, Symbolism and Systems built on the fundament of a vision, mission and values and on the underlying Purpose.

A complex interrelated matrix, lived by people (a collective, a team, an organisation). Increased consciousness around this operating matrix is proven to be essential for long term sustainable wellbeing and extraordinary performance.

Could you benefit from guidance on how to align People, Strategy and Culture within your organisation?

Read more here about how we work and here about the measurable results we are able to achieve with our clients.

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