The recipe for well being has many ingredients…

We at CEC work with the three main dimensions that have a significant influence on our well being: The Physical, The Mental and The Spiritual. We work to create a sustainable well being, starting by increasing consciousness in all three areas.

Once we start becoming aware of what our PHYSICAL body is telling us: balanced, energised, drained, agitated… we can then start taking conscious MENTAL choices to transform the current state into an improved state of wellbeing. This leads to a sustainable SPIRITUAL wellbeing which grows and grows. It benefits ourselves, the people around us, our work, our society and ultimately, our planet.


All three dimensions are interconnected. It is amazingly beautiful to see the sophistication of how a human being is wired.

The more we understand our individual wiring system, the better placed we are to gain control over our behaviours and consciously manage our own energy levels.

At CEC we express this process by distinguishing energy leaks and energy flows within an individual or among a group of individuals. As you can imagine, these energy leaks have wide-reaching effects if not acknowledged and balanced. Likewise, energy flows – if consciously harnessed – can lead to extremely high levels of productivity, innovation and performance. This is our aim.


Human beings seek balance. Yet we are surrounded by nature in constant change: look at the seasons, look at the level of adaptation, look at death and new beginnings… Balance is almost never accomplished. We – and nature – grow symbiotically under an atmosphere of constant flux.

So it is not our purpose to establish perfect balance. It is our purpose to increase consciousness around the imbalances that have become sources for energy leaks. Identifying these imbalances gives us an invitation to consciously transform and evolve, growing space for energy to flow.

We acknowledge that no-one is capable of completely avoiding imbalance… What we ARE capable of is choosing HOW we react to these imbalances and energy leaks so that when they occur we will be able to respond consciously and transform leaks into flows.


“My life purpose is to help people to be aware of their energy leaks and energy flows, so that they can develop higher energy levels resulting in happiness and wellbeing.”

– Omid Soltani, CEC expert

Omid Soltani is CEC’s energy expert. His experiences led him to supporting individuals and collectives on their physical and mental awareness journey, managing energy flow within the individual, and working with teams and leaders to harness energy to create effective performance at a collective level.

For guidance on how your leaders and teams could start to manage energy leaks and flows in a conscious way, reach out for an introductory dialogue.