“Life is working for you, not against you!”

When we feel that life is working against us – “stuck” – we often express and experience this via physical and/or emotional pain. 

We might feel tired, exhausted even, with negative behaviours and mindset causing physical problems.

We can also feel as though nothing is moving forward the way we had envisaged or planned.

When we feel “stuck”, we often find that our focus is drawn towards all that is not going well. A vicious circle starts to evolve and unfold, having a negative effect on our energy levels.

Ending the cycle: how to stop feeling stuck

The first and most vital step is to recognise and acknowledge this feeling of being “stuck” or trapped in the cycle – you must become aware of the fact that somewhere, somehow, you are losing energy.

Ask yourself: “What is this Energy Leak (EL) all about?”

When you dive into this sort of reflection and inner observation you will undoubtedly come across potentially negative emotions like fear, anger or frustration. Recognising these emotions is an advantage – this is your portal to repairing the EL and turning it into Energy Flow (EF)!

Detach yourself from your emotions

You are not your fears, your anger or your frustrations… It is important to realise that you just experience them – it is not who you are.

This separation is vital, to enable you to detach yourself from your emotions so that you can explore and examine more closely.

By taking a step back and viewing your Energy Leak from a distance (as if from a balcony!) you are better placed to detect signs of a pattern or mindset that is no longer serving you positively.

Identifying an Energy Leak or energy imbalance is your opportunity to consciously transform these ineffective patterns or mindsets.

But don’t forget, it is also important to accept that these mindsets may have served us well in the past and brought us to our current position.

Are you trying to swim upstream?

Usually, our energy is channelled into controlling and steering life in the direction we had initially in our minds; the way we anticipate that it should go.

But on a daily basis, life presents us with all kinds of circumstances and potential issues that could change the direction of life’s flow. Sometimes these outside events become overwhelming and trigger victim mindsets, opening up huge Energy Leaks. Basically, our energy goes into swimming upstream blindfolded!

Through conscious and frequent checking of our energy levels it is possible to determine whether or not there are some Energy Leaks in play. It is good to make a conscious reminder to remove this blindfold and to realise we are actually swimming upstream.

Learning to swim downstream

Stepping back and looking at the river to see which way the current flows and where it actually leads will provide you with some necessary air and reflection.

For those who have/want/need to be in control, it can sometimes be difficult to accept that “life is working for you, not against you”! But the truth is that there is a personal message in everything that we encounter on our path in life. Yes, it can trigger emotions of anger and frustration – that is OK.

If you can step back to view the message that life is giving you, you can start looking for the gift in every circumstance. It is within these gifts that we will be able to restore Energy Flow (EF) again – swimming downstream rather than upstream.

Conscious Energy Management: 6 steps to try

Here is your 6-step guideline to experience EF more often:

  1. Become aware of any Energy Leaks through physical pains and/or emotional discomfort.
  2. Detach yourself from it (observing it as if from a balcony)
  3. Explore what patterns or mindsets are connected to it (your usual way of thinking and reacting)
  4. Determine whether this pattern or mindset is still serving you. If not, then gracefully – and with gratitude – say goodbye to this mindset or pattern while acknowledging that it has brought you where you are today.
  5. Look for the gift in all that you encounter. What can you learn from this? How can you use this as an opportunity to grow? (Remember: Life is working for you, not against you!)
  6. Consciously start to work on that gift and transform the EL into EF.

Need further advice?

If you want to know more about types of patterns, fears and mindsets please contact us

We have developed high impact Energy Management Programs for individuals and teams run by academic experts and thought leaders. Under CEC’s guidance you will go through the 6 steps described above, and will learn how to consciously manage and maintain a more sustainable energy flow for high performance and happiness. You will be in charge of your own Energy Dashboard, making life work for you, not against you!


Photo by Luis Tosta on Unsplash