Why don’t things happen more quickly? Are you getting impatient with the lack of results? What can you do to speed things up?

The answer is to become a more powerful leader. But exactly how can you increase your manifesting power? Taking the first step on this road starts with YOU. It’s time to break free from the Mind Clutter.

The ‘Spiral of Mind Clutter’…

I often find myself questioning whether the professional path I have chosen is the right one, because the results that I am working towards aren’t manifesting as quickly as I would like.

I am eager, full of drive, passionate about what I do and… I am impatient!

This impatience sometimes pushes into doubt and from there I experience the fear of inadequacy. I call this my ‘Spiral of Mind Clutter’.

It has taken some years of personal growth, reflection, study and work to become conscious of this vicious circle and its starting point: impatience.

I’m sharing this with you as it is, in my view, a crucial first step towards increasing your manifesting power, to become conscious of your own Spiral of Mind Clutter.

It’s time to become aware…

Can you recognise the feeling of anxiety growing within yourself? What is it related to? Could it be one of the following:

Finance – not making enough money, or delivering the targeted share value (a feeling of not having enough)
Career – not getting the promotion or that new title on your business cards (a feeling of not being good enough)
Relationships – not finding the right partner – personal or professional (a feeling of not belonging, not being heard, seen or recognised)

Identifying the subconscious source of your anxiety is the first step to revealing the source of your own personal Spiral of Mind Clutter; the question of: “What is it that am I mostly concerned about at the moment?”


Delving deeper into your mind

Once the answer is clear (bearing in mind that it could be one, two or multiple things), the next step is to unravel all the surrounding details. Ask yourself questions such as:

  • What is the pattern to my thoughts?
    To take the financial example: “I have to get this new client otherwise I will not reach my target. If I do not reach my target I will not have enough money, I won’t be able to afford…” etc.
  • What are my related behaviours?
    For example: “I notice I get low on energy and frustrated, then I yell at people… or the dog (somebody will obey me!), I start to blame others, or I withdraw myself and become silent…” etc.
  • How is this reflected in my physical wellbeing?
    For example: aches and pains, shortness of breath, headaches, sleepless nights, eczema, high blood pressure etc.

The more details you can become aware of, the better. It’s worth really taking some quiet time to do this, perhaps whilst walking, cycling, on the running machine or even driving in silence. Or perhaps talking to someone close who could help you identify behaviours that you hadn’t noticed.


Ineffective behaviours

As you become more and more aware of your inner processes and your related behaviours as well as your physical wellbeing, you will notice that most often these elements are not effective, efficient and productive for yourself and the people surrounding you. In fact, they are blocking the possibilities to achieve what you wanted in the first place.

Your ‘Spiral of Mind Clutter’, the associated behaviours and the impacts on your wellbeing are keeping you from manifesting what you want to achieve!


Open your eyes, regain control

As your Mind Clutter is mainly focusing on the HOW (How is this possible? How could this happen? How will I ever manage?), you are therefore missing opportunities that present themselves on a daily basis. The potential solutions to your challenges present themselves regularly if you are willing and open to seeing them.

Opening your eyes requires you to gain control of your Spiral of Mind Clutter and temporarily shut it down. Accepting the anxiety and writing down the details will help you do just that.


Creating new space

By doing so you will literally create a space in your brain. Space that can be used for creativity, innovation and out-of-the-box thinking and reflection. This space will allow you to work out what is really important to you, then find the solutions you need to help you to manifest what you want to achieve.

Breaking the Spiral of Mind Clutter increases your power to manifest what you want as it triggers creativity and determination in a forward looking, energizing way.

As a leader you will become more effective, efficient and productive and you will manifest more than you can imagine. Perhaps (often!) not according to your initial plans…


The Spiral of Manifestation

Once you accepted, analysed and acted upon your Spiral of Mind Clutter, you will also learn to recognise it in others.

This is a powerful place for a leader to be. Just imagine what could be achieved if the people around you also had this conscious awareness of their own Spiral of Mind Clutter! If each individual found out how to put their Mind Clutter to one side and increase their manifesting power, then the innovation and the possibilities could spiral outwards and yield dramatic results!


If you recognise that your Spiral of Mind Clutter is holding you back, and you need help to transform it into manifesting power, then make the first move and drop us a line. It starts with you…


Image: Nikko Macaspac via Unsplash